I won…

Am I president again yet?

Now what?

If anything, NOW is the time to be hopeful – a 2nd term president has nothing to prove because he doesn’t have to play it safe worrying about a re-election.

Can we have some change now?

I hope…

It’s much too late at night for me to write anything coherent, but it’s true – now I will allow myself a little bit of hope. The first time around, I was a total skeptic. I know a lot has been made of his “Hope” campaign and I believe he was giving false hope.

But citizens also need to TAKE SOME DAMN RESPONSIBILITY as well. There was a hell of a mess left by Cheney and Bush – and it takes TIME to fix. Obama is guilty of selling hope that it would change quickly and for allowing folks to put the donkey in front of the cart, but the folks that got rabid about unfulfilled promises – what did you do to help hope? It’s not a judgement – it’s an honest question.

I am not worried about being judged as an internet armchair basement dwelling commentator – I did what I could when I could like many others, but I also gave time to the government types to work out solutions because these things take time. Unemployment, lack of transparency and corruption in government, global climate change… the list goes on.

So this time, without the onus of re-election hanging over his head, I hope Obama can work some real change. I hope the two parties sit down together and address the problems one by one, and that they both COMPROMISE. Look to our past leaders – they managed somehow to compromise, so can we.

While I’m ranting…

< / rant >
Corporations are not people.

Place a cap on political campaign spending – this was the most expensive election campaign ever??? Good heavens, what else could we have done with all that money?
< / end rant>

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