Amarillo – Two Boot Country

It’s ‘two-boot’ country –

Means we’re gonna have to walk…

Stella Niagara Stroll

Beneath flying birds,

Man’s dreaming soul paints and sings –

Each calls to angels.

One of many

A trip home

One of many

To remember family

Many as one.

Heads of State

In honor of election day, here are some previous Presidents.

And the Beatles.

Mad Mysore, pt. 2 – The Palace

A Haiku – Mysore Palace Sleepy little town Where India’s past reclines – Stone elephants, bleached. It was thankfully overcast – not the best light for taking pictures, but considering the heat during that time of the year, it was still welcomed. We had a lazy morning stroll around the edge of the palace, snapping […]

Mad Mysore, pt. 1 – Out and About

Someone called it a ‘sophisticated sleepy backwater’ but it offers up a pace and vibe that is unique –

Mysore – historical but not stagnant, but definitely not in any rush to modernize… casual, relaxed and worthy of repeat visits, and also an amazing hub for surrounding ‘day trips’

Pedernales Falls

Enchanted Rock, Tx

Protected: You asked for it…

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