Where is my mind

I’d ordered, and a man approached me as I paid by credit card.

“Hey man, gimme 7 cents…”

I didn’t point out the obvious about the even exchange of paying by card, and said “Sorry, don’t have any…”

That’s all the verbal interaction I had…


Nobody lies about funerals

A funeral is a solemn ceremony… for most folks.

I won…

Now what?

Maybe some real reason to hope…

Slambook – People of Character

 Nothing is more blasphemous for a bunch of chest-beating, short sighted ‘patriots’ than the idea that one of U.S. history’s greatest leaders might have been leading an ‘alternative superhero lifestyle’.

But wouldn’t it be patriotic to acknowledge that such a thing is possible here?

Slambook – Teaching Skills for Success

Slambook – Success Skills for Budding Minds

Protected: Rollin’ like a coastah

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Slambook – History 101

For those not in the know, or the post technorati teens, a slambook is a single notebook that you’d write up with all your gossip, jokes, dirty pictures, stories and just all around venting…

Hey, for those readers outside the US – did you guys have slambooks too?

Click to read through the slam, and if you send me yours, I’ll post them on the site!

Postcards – Padang Food Tigers

…for late night lucid dreaming after the party winds down and midnight smiles find you…

Protected: Something from Texas is too small for Wikipedia?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Postcards – Somanathapur

We arrived at Somanathapur dehydrated and jostled. A few hours on the country bus into the outskirts will do that to a person – or maybe just to me…

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