Slambook – People of Character

Say it isn’t so…

A new biopic about Lincoln is coming out very soon – just in time for Oscar season – but I’m wondering how much it will delve into the humanity of a historical icon. I’m excited to see how it plays out, and it gives me a chance to say to the nation – we’ve screwed it up for the world on something very human by adding shame where it doesn’t belong.

Nothing is more blasphemous for a bunch of chest-beating, short sighted ‘patriots’ than the idea that one of U.S. history’s greatest leaders might have been leading an ‘alternative superhero lifestyle‘.

But wouldn’t it be patriotic to acknowledge that such a thing is possible here?

Better yet – wouldn’t it be nice if folks just kept their slide rulers in their pants and allowed all of us to go back to being human. Yup, it’s true – human nature includes non-sexual intimacy; holding hands, arms around the shoulders, or maybe as in the case of Lincoln, sharing the same bed with a close friend. So what if his sexuality isn’t clearly defined? It didn’t hurt anyone, and believe it or not, it wasn’t always this way. <--- This is a great discussion, and includes more opinions and expression on this topic than I can muster at the moment…

So here’s one more voice to say “Sorry, jocks and scientists – not everything is sexual” and it strikes me as a sad and downright inhuman thing that the West applies issues of sexuality to any form of intimacy or affection. In fact, I’d go so far as to claim it might be a contributing factor to our decline in empathy.

Let the people that you love know you love them without fear.

… and even if it’s contradictory, you can still giggle about Lincoln’s log – it’s obvious that he did the same. 🙂

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