Mad Mysore, pt. 2 – The Palace

A Haiku – Mysore Palace

Sleepy little town
Where India’s past reclines –
Stone elephants, bleached.

It was thankfully overcast – not the best light for taking pictures, but considering the heat during that time of the year, it was still welcomed.

We had a lazy morning stroll around the edge of the palace, snapping shots as we went. Shopfronts were still closed up since it was a Sunday, and the city had barely rubbed the sleep from its eyes by the time we reached the side entrance. People were beginning to mingle, and as we approached, more street vendors set up their spots with amazing speed, hawking their goods all the while.

One thing struck me as odd just as we entered the gate – a guard that stopped us from snapping pics – wanted us to check our cameras at a side booth, saying no photos! Nonsense… a few short words from my friend and we were through – taking pictures along with everyone else that had a cell phone in their hand. I’m not sure what happened or why, but in the end we still got to follow our bliss.

And there was the palace in clouded, dull and dish-washed daylight – drawing gawking crowds towards the type of opulence that manages to infatuate people the world over regardless of cultural backgrounds or national origins. It must be the same reflex, like a back-handed slap snaps you to attention, that forces people to stare at wealth laid out before them. I’m sure Communists bark at the few taking such wealth from the many, humanists bemoan the misspent fortunes used to build such shrines and then there’s the poor sods born into all that coin, tired of the endless staring throngs and maybe just wishing to be left alone.

I don’t remember hearing about many of those sods giving away their rupees though… so if there’s one reason for society to nurture a healthy middle class, it’s their ability to pursue philanthropy.


  1. Simply beautiful! have no words

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