sun bleaches sleep

Doorway to dream – Somanathapur

been ok, and u…

to while away the hours of darkness,
before an impossibly slow coming dawn.


I’d thought by this time
dreams would dance ’round my mind,
in restful repose my fantasies becomes the images of the true,
at least true in my mind before the sky turns blue.

The peace which passeth all understanding
comes from the shiraz and merlot blending,
and of course a heavy dose of medication;
any damn thing to bring down these eyelids –


before the sun bleaches sleep from my eyes,

before the sun bleaches sleep from the skies.

And how are you?



  1. Vishal Bali says:

    Just awesome ! !

    • Thank you… and thank you for the pointers so I could refine it 🙂 Hope the rough draft wasn’t too bad!

  2. Vishal Bali says:

    You are welcome……… waiting more to read from you jojo……….the bard !!

  3. Awesome !!! …

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